About us

About us

Beit Invest is an office specialized in Real Estate Market in Germany. It is located in Bochum in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) in the west of Germany. North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) is a densely province with known cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Essen and Dortmund. This location is very strategic, so that the realtors could get an obviously wide axis to the real estate in the biggest Province in Germany. The team seizes all opportunities to get best locations for a property in this area.

Our Vision

We at Beit Invest believe that a successful investment must contain two basic and important elements, namely buying a good property in a good location and manage it effectively. On the long term this will definitely lead to its higher value as well as an increase in the investor’s income.

We work honestly and transparently. We will take the advantage of all opportunities and possibilities available to make you achieve your goals and make your dream of an own property in Germany come true.



  • Yamen Odeh -CEO
    Has been working  for many years in marketing consulting in the real estate market.


  • Thomas S.
    Consultant at Beit Invest and has many years of experience in the german real estate market as well.


  • Alexander  O.
    Properties rentals specialist

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  • Marius O.
    Real estate acquisitions in NRW




the properties need a constant maintenance over the year. Beit Invest takes care of everything related to your properties maintenance.


Beit Invest collects the monthly rent of your property

Supervision of tenants:

The specialists will follow the behaviors of the tenants toward the law for maintaining the cleanliness of the properties

Increase Rent:

Beit Invest could raise the rent of a property according to the existing law regulations.

Find tenants:

Beit Invest will keep your property rented by finding tenants

Sell Property:

If you don’t want to hold your property, we could sell it for you.

Restoration or renovation:

If there is a need for either restoration or just a renovation before an offer for rent or sale, Beit Invest will help you.

Other Services:

Beit Invest is the link between the investor and the German real estate market. It offers the investors all the services that are related to the investment deals and buying and selling process of a property.


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