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Why Nordrhein Westfalen

•    NRW the leading location for investment in Germany:
NRW is the control center of many companies (>12.000) of the main investor countries for their German or European operation.
NRW is the attraction center of foreign investment, it is about 220 billion Euro more than 25% of all foreign investment in Germany.

•    NRW one of the largest markets in Europe:
35 percent of the largest German trading companies have NRW as base. Almost 15% of the German exports are produced in Germany and around 22% of the imports of Germany are delivered to NRW.

•    NRW a solid path to Europe:
Two airports in NRW, Düsseldorf and Cologne, offers about 400 international flights. They connect with four other airports, NRW, with all Europe’s major cities.
NRW logistic infrastructure diversity enables connections all over the world. Beside the national and European road and rail network, NRW has the world largest inland port in Duisburg where almost 123 million tons of good are on transit per year. Between Duisburg and Chongqing/China commute a freight train weekly.

•    Specialized workforce and world class research and development:
NRW has 72 university, technical and applied science college, 6 of them are ranked between the 10 largest in Germany. More than 650.000 student studies at NRW universities and college, 75.000 of the student are foreigners.
NRW is the ideal location for technology transfer with 80 technology facilities 40 of them are none university research institute.

•    NRW as trade fair agglomeration:
NRW is world’s number one trade fair location. International leading trade fairs find place in Cologne, Essen, Dortmund and Düsseldorf and attract around 6 million visitors every year.

•    Companies as popular partner for international investors:
Around 750.000 small and medium companies are located in NRW. Many of these establishments are specialized in their respective industries and are main player in the global market as well leaders.

•    Real estate investors oasis:
the tight locations in NRW of commercial and economic centers  with competitive prices in comparison to the international market were for years and still the main attraction of international investors. German are known for the tendency of renting there home than buying it. Only 46 percent of the German are the owner of its own home.

•    NRW as touristic and educational attraction
beside its intensive business atmosphere, NRW offers a wide range of activity and leisure variety. NRW is the most popular travel destination in Germany. It has more than 900 museums, 130 theaters and opera house as well four UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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